Introducing Lee...

Your own confidence booster. When you are nervous, Lee is the one cheering you on saying, “You can do this.” When you walk up onto the stage at the spelling bee, Lee is the one holding your hand, encouraging you to do your best. Lee is the inner confidence all of us have but just need help discovering.


To unlock children’s inner confidence through interactive and robust courses

Vision Statement

To confidently confront any challenge presented in a competitive global society



With the hope to instill confidence across the world, we officially opened the doors to two new locations: Troy, Michigan and Naperville, Illinois.


With confidence, we added Science, STEM and Coding to our curriculum.


We realized confidence was a broader skill that could be developed through other academic subjects.

Spring 2017

We expanded our programs into public and private schools.

April 2015

We proudly opened ConfidentLee and launched our first public speaking class.

June 2014

We noticed children’s apprehension towards presenting in groups and knew we had to make a change.