Mr. James Cronk, Assistant Principal, Brookfield Academy Troy, Michigan

This is our first year with the ConfidentLee® program in our school. The students in the program have really enjoyed the teaching style and the fun the program brings. We have seen improvements in the students confidence and speaking ability. The program helps prepare the students for the future.

Brookfield Academy – Troy Campus October 2017


Bring 21st Century Learning to your school.
Develop pertinent Social and Emotional Learning skills in your students.
Instill the Growth Mindset in each child.

Make every student a ConfidentLee®!

The ConfidentLee® program is an exciting and engaging program that teaches students to be 21st Century Ready, develop Social and Emotional Learning skills and have a growth mindset. These skills are taught in a fun, hands on, activity filled way. The entire curriculum of ConfidentLee® is cross-curricular, leading to deeper learning. Students develop self-esteem while learning oral presentation skills. Their communication skills are boosted as they work collaboratively with others for the success of the entire group. The outcome is a student that lives life ConfidentLee!

Our programs offer confidence building through after-school programs and camps. The areas covered are public speaking, communication, collaboration, etiquette, entrepreneurship, global awareness, leadership, team building, critical and creative thinking and problem solving and social skills.

Students learn to think outside the box and be creative. We recognize all creations by our students. There is no wrong way to create or present in our classes. They continue to strive to perfect themselves and learn from these efforts. They also learn financial and entrepreneurship skills at a young age to help them better prepare for what lies ahead of them in today’s global economy.

After-School Programs and Camps

ConfidentLee® offers topic based afterschool enrichment programs throughout the school year and also camps during school holidays. Our program provides students with an experience that combines learning with fun and enjoyable activities with structured instruction.

What is taught in the ConfidentLee® classes is often difficult to offer during a regular school day.

ConfidentLee® is a unique platform that encourages students to become more confident both in and outside of school.

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