Communication is one of the key components of 21st Century Learning. The ConfidentLee® program teaches children both written and oral communication. Classrooms are interactive including the instructor and other students. As the student delivers a prepared speech, an impromptu speech or sales pitch their communication skills are improving.


The ability to work in a team and communicate with others is a key aspect in today’s society. Our ConfidentLee® classes are in small group settings and the student learns to work with team members, encouraging both individual and team-based work and collaborative learning.

Creativity and Innovation

At ConfidentLee® we encourage children’s imagination by providing an environment where they can be innovators, makers and creators. Our engaging themes inspire the child to design and create while enjoying the process of invention.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

The ConfidentLee® activities teach the children to think on their feet. They utilize an array of strategies and techniques to handle themselves in diverse situations. Often the students have to find solutions in a limited amount of time. The ConfidentLee® exercises help the students develop both critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Financial and Entrepreneurial Literacy

Today it is even more important than ever for students to learn how to make appropriate economic choices. The ConfidentLee® program encourages the child to think outside the box. Through our simulations, role playing and real-world scenarios we foster in a child the ability to think creatively. An exposure to entrepreneurship at a young age opens the mind of the child to the multitude of career options that are available to them.

Global Awareness

In today’s global economy, learning from others, embracing diversity and understanding global issues are pertinent to the success of the children. At ConfidentLee® our classes include students from different cultures, religions and lifestyles.