Express yourself

Children begin to express themselves in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment. They feel more confident, encouraging them to become independent thinkers and to speak up for themselves.

Interact with others

Students begin to feel comfortable having conversations, listening, giving compliments, delivering constructive criticism and taking turns when they speak.

Learn something new

Each day is a fun packed learning adventure. Often parents wonder what is it that we do in the program that keeps their children wanting to come back for more?

Make friends

Modeling positive behavior and stepping out of their comfort zone to get to know someone new encourages the child to make new friends and work in a team setting.

Have some fun

The classroom is often filled with laughter. The confidence building activities encourage the child to relax and learn through fun and entertaining exercises.

Let a kid be a kid

The ConfidentLee® program helps them learn master confidence building techniques, not just by instruction but by allowing them to be silly.

Become a ConfidentLee® Competent Child

As we like to say, each of our after-school programs and camps instills Confidence in the student! Be prepared for your child to become a “Competent ConfidentLee Child!”