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Who are we?

ConfidentLee® is an enrichment program created to build confidence in children by empowering them with… Read More >>


The ConfidentLee® mini-courses will equip the children with both verbal and non-verbal communication skills… Read More >>

ConfidentLee® Experience

At ConfidentLee®, we believe that all children have the potential to develop leadership skills. Our interactive activities will… Read More >>

Summer Workshops

CondfidentLee® is aimed to promoting self-confidence and self-esteem, which are the necessary skills to… Read More >>

Our Crew

Our well-trained staff will engage the children in a fun filled environment that will foster personal growth for… Read More >>

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Public Speaking Skills

Acquiring the skills necessary to become an effective public speaker can contribute to a child’s future success, at school, a social gathering or at the workplace. Learn leadership and critical thinking.

Entrepreneurship Skills

ConfidentLee’s mission is to instill confidence in a child. Teaching them to have an entrepreneurial spirit encourages children to become tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.

Social Skills

Our mini-courses are designed to instill in children the value of effective social interaction helping them cultivate good social skills, etiquette and manners. We are all about self-discovery.

Global Awareness

Global Awareness is a conceptual understanding based upon knowledge that one has about global and cultural perspectives. The understanding of concepts that impact the world.

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ConfidentLee’s enrichment program empowers children to be 21st Century ready.
ConfidentLee® instills a Growth Mindset in children.