What is ConfidentLee® for Adults?

ConfidentLee® is a training program created to instill powerful presentation skills in adults. The confidence to know that you can communicate in a clear, crisp and compelling manner will be empowering.

Our proprietary methodology is interactive and is based on self-discovery, peer feedback, group exploration and facilitator orchestrated discussions. Practical activities and game based learning make our seminars and workshops an engaging learning experience.

Our program unlocks your hidden potential and allows you to communicate, be it to inform, inspire or ignite. We share techniques that build rapport with others.

Understanding how to combine an appropriate tone, rate and pitch allows you to utilize your voice to connect with audience. Controlling your nerves and use of applicable gestures, facial expressions and posture will expand your presence and project a high impact personality.

Content of the ConfidentLee® program includes:

  • Public speaking
  • Social Skills
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership

Mastering each of these skills will showcase each adult as a strong and commanding personality and encourage others to listen, pay attention and support their vision. Increase your chances of success by becoming a cutting-edge presenter and public speaker.