Our story began in 2014, when our founder, Namita, was working closely with children to hone and develop their academic skills. She realized that academic prowess was definitely making the children competent. However, many students lacked the confidence to present their ideas in a confident and cohesive manner. They also were unsure how to negotiate and navigate everyday social interactions. She realized that for their true personal development and in order for them to be well rounded, they must be equipped with the life skills to be poised and confident in every phase of their life.

It was this vision of empowerment of the “ConfidentLee® Competent Child” that Ms. Prasad founded ConfidentLee®. She hoped that the experience of fun, robust yet outcome-based programs would instill in children and young adults the necessary tools to be self-aware and self-confident individuals.

In early 2015, ConfidentLee® offered its first public speaking class. The shy and introverted student found the confidence to overcome their nervousness. The outgoing student worked on perfecting their delivery and presenting with poise and eloquence.

Each child found their own personal success and Namita found her calling. Thereafter, under the platform of ConfidentLee®, many programs were added such as Entrepreneurship, Social Skills and Global Awareness.

Our fun and creative program resonated both with the children and parents. Soon parents began inquiring about public speaking and presentation skills classes for adults. ConfidentLee® then began offering classes for adults.

ConfidentLee’s Statement of Purpose

ConfidentLee® was created to inspire, instill and ignite Confidence in each and every person.

The “ConfidentLee® Competent Child” will possess the “can do it” attitude. This will serve as a conduit to future success both in school and in life. Mastering the skills of public speaking, entrepreneurship, social skills and global awareness will help each child become successful in a competitive global society. Building confidence and self-esteem instills a positive approach to life.

Confidence + Competence= ConfidentLee® Competent Child

The “ConfidentLee® Competent” adult will project themselves as a confident and compelling speaker. They will influence, inspire and ignite others with their passion and purpose.

ConfidentLee’s Vision Statement

ConfidentLee® will instill self-confidence, self-esteem and a positive approach to life in children and adults.

ConfidentLee’s Mission Statement

ConfidentLee® believes that Confidence gives you the ability to present your Competence!

ConfidentLee® for Children will teach robust courses that are fun, interactive and highly developmental. Our engaging and interactive proprietary curriculum will unlock the inner confidence of the child and boost their self-esteem. A ConfidentLee® Competent Child will possess the necessary skills to thrive both as today’s child and tomorrow’s adult.

ConfidentLee® for Adults will offer classes that will teach them to present themselves as remarkable, confident and charismatic individuals. They will learn to present their knowledge and competence with impact to be recognized as leaders. A ConfidentLee® Competent adult will inform, influence, inspire, inquire and ignite others with their passion and purpose.