Express yourself

Participants learn to overcome anxiety and stage fright. They present in a safe and healthy environment. Through practice and role playing, they become confident effective presenters that connect with their audience.

Interact with others

Collaborating with peers and facilitators creates a platform for shared knowledge and personal growth. We offer a highly-interactive learning approach that is definitely not a lecture.

Learn new skills

Transform your communication skills so you become a confident speaker and leader. Unleash your potential to grow, motivate and sell. Learn to put power into your presentation so that you connect with people and influence their decisions.

Build Relationships

Our classes attract people from different many industries and backgrounds. The common denominator is the desire to have poise and speaking. Our learning environment allows you to not only learn from our facilitator and coursework but also from your peers.

Have some fun

Our seminars and workshops are quite often filled with laughter. Our approach is non-traditional, highly interactive and, yes, fun. Our confidence building activities and exercises are entertaining and also teach impactful skills.

Unleash your Performance

Know that you will be memorable. Know that your audience will see your passion and purpose. Enthrall your boss, team and/or audience. Let your stories convey your message and inform or persuade others to take action.

Become ConfidentLee® Competent

You know you have the skills and competence at what you do. Now it is time for you to present your ideas with confidence. Practice and master our techniques and know that you will now present yourself as ConfidentLee® Competent.