Who are we?

ConfidentLee® is a training program created to instill powerful presentation skills in adults and… Read More >>

Our Skills

The ConfidentLee® adult-courses will equip the adults with both verbal and non-verbal communication skills… Read More >>


At ConfidentLee®, we believe that all people have the potential to develop leadership skills. Our interactive activities will… Read More >>

Our Approach

Professionalism, good work ethics, problem solving, critical thinking, time management and the ability to work… Read More >>

Our Crew

Our well-trained staff will engage the classroom in a fun filled environment that will foster personal growth for… Read More >>

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Enroll using our online enrollment form. Enrolling online saves time and we get your application instantly… Read More >>

Help yourself build confidence with ConfidentLee®!

We offer Adult Courses during the school year and during the Summer.


Public Speaking Skills

Acquiring the skills necessary to become an effective presenter allows you to create change. Becoming a world class speaker and communicator helps you share information with others.

Leadership & Teamwork

Teamwork is the glue that keeps a team together. It is a bond that promotes strength, unity and support as you work towards a common goal or task. Great synergy empowers the entire team.

Growth Mindset

Enthusiasm, passion and a positive attitude towards life demonstrates to others that you have a purpose and a larger mission. The ability to recognize, understand and manage your emotions…


Communication is one of the most essential soft skills. For effective communication, we must be bold and fearless presenters and also be effective listeners. It is important to develop the…

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