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    Advances problem solving
    Develops resilience by persevering through challenges
    Encourages creativity and self expression
    Prepares for success in the future
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    Public Speaking
    Develops confidence through presentations
    Improves critical thinking skills
    Strengthens writing skills
    Cultivates social skills
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    Based on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
    Excites children about science
    Builds science knowledge in depth and inquiry ability
    Helps children collaborate and gain teamwork skills

About Us

ConfidentLee® is a program designed to help develop well-rounded and confident students. Our outcome-based programs will instill the necessary tools in students to become 21st century learners.

Our Approach

Who are we? Our program develops well-rounded and confident students by empowering them with the critical components of 21st Century Skills.

Our Outcomes By taking our courses, students will become 21st century learners, equipped with all the necessary tools to have a successful future: communicate effectively, collaborate with others, design creatively, think critically, and embrace diversity.

The Experience

In our interactive programs, children will develop their skills by expressing themselves, interacting with others, continually learning something new, and mostly importantly, having fun!

Upcoming Events

ConfidentLee® is an enrichment program created to build confidence in children by empowering them with the critical components of 21st Century Skills. Our program gives children a creative outlet, away from technology and academics.

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